Survey 1.0

Hi All,

I am writing to update you on a new project I am working on. It is my hopes to get a prototype up this month! I’m not going to disclose too much information at the moment, so please stay tuned. For now here is a thought I’d like to leave you with:

Through even the smallest gesture we are able to create deep connections with people we haven’t yet met. All it takes is a moment of our time to make an impact on the life of another. When we use our cognitive surplus to create civic value we create a culture centered around generosity and we make life better for everyone. This is how we can change society for the better. When we take the time to give, our lives become richer. Opening up a new channel full of potential, for new connections and understanding. If we want a world that is more open, generous and action oriented, then we have to be that way.

It would be incredibly helpful if you could answer a 45 question survey I put together in the meantime. This will help me develop a product that fits my users needs best!

Thanks ahead of time! Remember, we have the ability to be something greater than ourselves.

~ Nicole