The Power of Community: No Matter the Size, Shape or Location

Week #2

Today is the start of my second week as a member of Remote Year four, also known as Darién. Let’s just say besides finding myself in a completely new country and culture, with new people, language, transport system, currency, cuisine and… you get the idea, I’ve managed to find myself in a community that is completely unique, generous, supportive, inspirational and so much more than I could have ever imagined.

Each and every person I’ve had the pleasure of meeting this week has inspired and excited me about the potential of my life, career and sense of community. I consider myself an introvert and throughout my life have kept my good friends very close. I found support in my family, loved ones, teammates, BFF’s and built those relationships with love, trust and a sense of belonging. I will admit that the scariest feeling for me is rejection. I am not proud of this, but throughout my life I have shied away from situations that in my mind could result in rejection. I’ve closed myself off to potential communities, friendships, career opportunities and relationships for this reason.

For the first time, in a long time I feel part of a large community that accepts me for my quirks and takes a strong interest in my interests, creating an infinite sense of potential and wonder. The amount of openness I’ve experienced in the past week touches my heart in so many ways. This community, made possible by 75+ individuals and formed around common core values has filled a void inside me. One that I plan to make last for a lifetime!

Design for the Future of Aging

I have spent the past week researching what I call “Design for the Future of Aging” and have never felt more inspired to contribute my skills, experiences and knowledge to improve the way in which we age on a global scale. I believe that this is the beginning of a monumental journey and I have a lot of information to share in the upcoming weeks. Throughout this year I plan to learn from my experiences in each unique city I visit while brainstorming ways in which to cultivate a sense of community and excitement for the later years.

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