Nicole Poor is Remote Notes. Remote Notes follows an American graphic designer as she embarks on a 12 month journey traveling to 10+ countries in Europe and South America.

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Nicole was born and raised in a suburb of Washington D.C a train ride away from museums and monuments. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 2011. After RISD, Nicole worked in New York City at a photography studio, menswear fashion brand, an international design firm, small and large advertising agencies and most recently a large publishing house. Her background and diverse experiences have influenced her to contribute her skills as a versatile designer and strategic thinker to the universal design and nonprofit industries. Nicole has chosen to devote her time and energy to apply design thinking to discover transformative solutions for social change especially on the topic of ageism.



June | Prague, Czech Republic
July | Belgrade, Serbia
August | London, England
September | Lisbon, Portugal
October | Rabat, Morocco
November | Valencia, Spain
December | Mexico City, Mexico
January | Bogotá, Colombia
February | Medellin, Colombia
March | Lima, Peru
April | Córdoba, Argentina
May | Buenos Aires, Argentina